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Your Name

A man, a good man
He shines my day
An enormous gift, yes he is
Drives me crazy yet makes me conscious
I am into him


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You’re the only reason why I smile even I’m not supposed to smile. You’re all I need to smile.



Now I write this words with my honesty. Youre the one that can make me smile when I got a lot of troubles. You brighten my days. Like a sun, you shine my gloomy days. You’re all I need right now, next days, next weeks, next years and forth.

No One


Dhea. There’s no one can make me smile but you. You’re the only reason why I could smile. I wonder how much you really mean to me, very much. Please just stay to forth and forever.



You don’t make my days gloomy, but you make my gloomy days become sunny. You don’t need to be whenever I need, wherever I am, and whoever I want. Because all I need is you for sure. You don’t need to be perfect because I don’t think about perfection or imperfection, but how I can accept all of…


Rio Haryanto, Indonesia’s Rider and Marc Marquez, Spain’s Rider.

Young and Talented.

Muda, Beda, dan Berbahaya :)

Chloë Moretz on the set of 'If I Stay'.

(Source: moretz-moretz, via moretzer)

James Franco on the set of The Interview on November 30th, 2013.